What does Tannins do for the body

Tannins are Polyphenols found in Plant foods. The Anti microbial property of Tannins kill harmful bacteria causing infection. Tannins help to give relief from Migraine. Tannins have Antioxidant and Anti aging properties. These properties helps to keeps the Skin youthful and protect the body from harmful radicals.

Requirement of Tannins per day

Benefits of Tannins
Tannins helps to reduce the risk of Cancer and prevents Arthritis. It protects from Heart Disease and improves the dental health. Tannins prevent Parkinson Disease and keeps the body healthy. Tannins strengthen the Bone and maintain the flexibility. Tannins keep the body energetic and refreshes the mood.

Functions of Tannins
Tannins reduces the pain and soothes Skin Irritation. It cures Sore Mouth and Dental Disease. The Anti inflammatory property of Tannins helps to reduce the inflammation. It treats Burns and Scars of the Skin. Tannins protect from Cardiovascular Diseases and slows down the aging process.

Effects of Tannins Deficiency
Dull Skin

Effects of Excessive Tannins in the body
Blood Clotting
Liver Disease
Stomach Disease


Action of Tannins
Super Effective
Most Effective