About Us

Herbs have been healing humans for centuries. However, in the last century man thought he has become very wise through research and started treating diseases with isolated man made drugs. The results have been disastrous: Man has become sicker than ever before. The clock has turned back to herbs. Herbs are the way to go.
From the earliest times herbs have been rewarded for their Healing and Pain Relieving properties. Today when everybody is moving too fast to take care of their health. As a result everyone is facing health related issues may it be small or a big one.
HerbofDisease.com is a portal where you can look:
We have a collection of more than 1200 DISEASES AND CONDITIONS stating their causes and symptoms. We illustrate you different aspects of any disease, their herbal treatment and moreover how it may affect you if not treated properly. Here you will find how to treat diseases using eatables like fruits, vegetables and even spices available around you.
In HERBS section there are around 2700 Herbs with their commonly known names and medicinal uses. We have provided local and tribal names as well to make it easy and simple to find an herb. In this section you will come to know WHAT, WHEN and HOW to use a particular plant.
The Action section contains various ACTIONS of different plants and minerals. It tells in what way a plant works on human body.
Under the section CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS you will find as many as 1800 Chemical Constituents/Nutrients. Here you can get to know which nutrient is present in which all herbs.
We at HerbofDisease.com bring you an ultimate collection of medicinal plants, which are useful in different diseases and conditions. Herb of Disease fetches you the hidden magical properties of the plants around you. We have a team of skillful and talented research associates who collects and looks into every aspect of the information gathered whether it is from web or extinct and ancient books. We aim at providing you the quality information.