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Colic Babies Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

Colic Babies

Sub Diseases
General Name
Medical Name
Colic Babies Symptoms

Abdominal Pain
Abdominal Spasms
Loud tummy rumblings
Repeated episodes of crying a baby

Colic Babies Cured By

Colic is a disease of the soft organs like the Colon, Intestines and the Gallbladder.
Colic means a spasm of a soft organ accompanied by pain, often excruciation.
Colic is normally caused by an obstruction in a tube.
When a gallstone obstructs a bile duct, the pain in the right upper area of the abdomen, is called Biliary Colic.
It is more common in infants. When a baby gets pain in the abdomen, call it Infantile Colic.
If the obstruction is in the Intestines call it Intestinal Colic.
If caused by lead poisoning, what will you call it? Simple silly, call it Lead Colic.
Menstrual Colic? You still don ' t get the idea. Ok! How about Dysmenorrhea. Viola! Don ' t know both the words. Its painful menses. Sometimes called Uterine Colic.
Renal Colic. Tip! Renal means Kidney. Ah! When a kidney stone obstructs the passage of urine

Causes of Colic Babies

  • Reflux
    Food Allergy
    Fungal Infection
    Hormone Problems
    Lactose intolerance
    Gastroesophageal Reflux
    An immature nervous system
    An Immature Digestive system
    Hypersensitivity to sound, light
    Eating too fast may cause gas in the Stomach

    If not treated properly, Colic may cause
    Urinary infections

    For an infant your best bet is Chamomile.
    For an adult your best bet is Fennel.

Materia Medica : Herbal Treatment for Colic Babies

Single Herb

Lemon Grass for Colic

Take 2 drops of oil with sugar. Repeat it after every 2 hours.

Champak for Colic

Extract leaves juice. Take equal quantity of juice and honey. Have it twice a day.

Ficus Retusa for Colic

Prepare a juice of Ficus Retusa leaves. Take it, twice a day to relieve flatulent colic.

Cassia Obtusifolia for Colic

Make an infusion of Cassia Obtusifolia leaves. Take it, twice a day.

Nut Grass for Intestinal Diseases

Drink 10 ml tuber decoction daily.

Boerhavia Diffusa ( Punarnava ) Root for Colic

Boerhavia Diffusa ( Punarnava ) Strengthens the intestines.
Grind dried Boerhavia Diffusa ( Punarnava ) Root. Take 1 teaspoon with lukewarm water twice a day.

Carom ( Ajvain ) for Colic

Grind Carom ( Ajvain ) seeds and dried Ginger in equal proportion to make a powder. Add a pinch of Black Salt in it. Have half teaspoon of this powder with one cup of lukewarm water.

Spiny Bamboo for Stomach Disorder

Crush the leaves and young shoots of Spiny Bamboo. Take half tsp of it with lukewarm water.

Ginger ( Adrak ) for Colic

Consume 4 tsp Ginger ( Adrak ) decoction once a day. Give 1-2 drops of decoction to the children below 5 years.

Fennel ( Saunf ) for Colic

Boil a cup of water with 2 to 3 teaspoons of Fennel seeds to prepare Fennel syrup. Add ½ cup of sugar and boil until the mixture forms in the texture of syrup. Give 1/4 teaspoon of the syrup to the baby two times a day.

Ginger Essential Oil for Colic

Take one teaspoon of Almond Oil ( or any other carrier oil ) and five drops of Ginger Essential Oil. Mix them well. Rub the oil blend between your hands to warm it. In the circular motion, gently massage the baby's abdomen and lower back area. Repeat the process two times a day for two days.

Dill Essential Oil for Colic

Dill Essential Oil aids Flatulence, Constipation and Hiccups. It also aids in Digestion.
Fill the bathtub with warm water and add four drops of Dill Essential Oil in it. Soak in it for five minutes. Repeat the process as needed to get relief.

Rooibos for Colic

Rooibos gives relief from Infant Colic. It reduces the stomach pain and spasm in a child.
Make Rooibos Red tea. One can add some milk in it and give 1 tablespoon 2 to 3 times in a day to Colic Child.


Herbal Treatment For Colic 1

A decoction of Caraway, Chamomile and Sweet Flag is worth in case of colic.

Herbal Treatment For Colic 3

Burn the roots of Sweet Flag. Mix the ash with Castor oil. Apply it over the lower Abdomen.
Note : You can also use Coconut oil instead of Castor oil

Herbal Treatment For Colic 4

Take 4 g of Sodom ( Akra in India ) flower, black salt ( Kala Namak in India ) and Carom ( Ajvayan in India ) seeds. Add 8 g dried Ginger ( Adrak in India ) in it. Grind them to make powder. Make a thick paste by adding Lime ( Jamri Nimbu in India ) juice in it. Make small pills of equal size with it. Take 1 pill per day with warm water.

Herbal Treatment For Caraway 1

Take 4 tablespoons of Caraway seeds and few seeds of Fennel. Boil in half amount of Water for 15 minutes. It is very good for small children.

Herbal Treatment For Colic 2

Take Catechu, Sweet Potato, Lemon. Grind them. Add a little water. Drink it two or three times a day.

Herbal Treatment For Colic 5

Add One tablespoon Fennel ( Saunf ) seed in half cup of Milk.
Boil for 5-7 minutes. Drink.

Herbal Treatment For Colic 7

Take equal quantity of Cumin and Caraway seeds. Add a pinch of black Salt in it. Add it in Vinegar. Take half tsp of it after regular interval of time.