Hriday Rog Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

Hriday Rog

Sub Diseases
General Name
Heart Disease
Medical Name
Cardiovascular Disease
Urdu Name
Dil Ki Bimari, Hriday Rog
Hriday Rog Symptoms

Chest Pain
Heart Palpitation
Excessive Sweating on Chest
Excessive Sweating on Face and Neck
Leg hurts while walking a small distances and goes away after rest

Hriday Rog Cured By

Heart Disease is a disease of the Heart.
It is the insufficient functioning of the Heart and the Blood Vessels.
Heart is an important organ that pumps a gallons of Blood to all Body parts.
It supplies the Nutrients, Blood, Oxygen to the Cells, Tissues and the Organs.
If functioning of the Heart, Blood Vessels becomes insufficient, then the other Organs like the Brain and the Kidneys suffer.
If Heart stops working, death occurs within minutes.

Structure of Heart:
Heart is a muscular organ of a size of our clenched fist. The Heart pumps the Blood which is carried out by the Blood Vessels known as Veins and Arteries. Our body has a huge network of these Blood Vessels.
The Heart is divided into four chambers which are...
Right Atrium
Left Atrium
Right Ventricle
Left Ventricle
The Atrium chambers are small and thin walled as compared to Ventricles. The artia receive deoxygenated blood with the help of the Veins and deliver this Blood to the Lungs where oxygen added to the Blood. The Ventricles pump oxygen rich blood into the Arteries, which get circulated to all body parts. The blood carries nutrients, minerals and oxygen. Every cell need oxygen and nutrients to function properly.

The most important function of Heart is that it regulates the Blood Pressure. And this portion is dealt with separately on this portal in High Blood Pressure

The Heart diseases are also known as Cardiovascular Diseases. They are as listed below and are dealt with separately on this portal.
Angina: Chest pain that is caused by restricted Blood supply to the Heart Muscles is termed as Angina.

Arrhythmia: An irregular heart beat is termed as Arrhythmia.

Bradycardia: Abnormally slow Heart beat is known as Bradycardia.

Palpitation :An abnormally rapid Heart beat as a result of some illness is termed as Palpitation.

Paricarditis: An inflammation of the outer membrane in which the Heart is enclosed ( Pericardium ) is known as Paricarditis.

Tachycardia: Normally, the Heart beats 72 times in a minute, if it is more than that and beats very fast it is called as Tachycardia.

Heart Attack: It occurs due to blocked arteries.

Enlarged Heart: It is a result of some other disorder that causes Enlarged Heart.

Atherosclerosis : The deposition of plaque on the walls of the Arteries makes them hard and causes restriction of blood flow. It is known as Atherosclerosis.

Congestive Heart :The excessive accumulation of mucus in the Lungs causes Congestion in the Chest.

Low Blood Pressure: When the Blood Pressure becomes low than the normal readings, it is termed as Low Blood Pressure.

High Pulse Pressure:When the Blood Pressure becomes high than the normal due to any other physical disorder it is known as High Blood Pressure.

The sign of Heart Attack:
a person may feel tightness in the Chest, and the pain may extend to Shoulders, the Neck, Jaw and Back.

Causes of Hriday Rog

  • Stress
    Poor Diet
    Family History
    High Cholesterol
    High Blood Pressure
    Coronary Heart Disease
    Less Physical Activity
    Excessive use of Alcohol, Drugs

    If not treated properly Heart Diseases may cause
    Heart attack

    To prevent Heart Disease avoid,
    Junk food
    Drug abuse

    Your best bet is, Garlic, Hawthorn.
    A visit to the Doctor is a must.

    Note: 1.The damage caused by free radicals increases the risk of Heart Diseases. Foods that are antioxidants are good to prevent heart attacks and other disorders associated with Heart.
    2. Eat Fiber rich foods
    3. Keep a check on your Cholesterol level and Blood Pressure.
    4. Do regular Exercise and adapt Yoga.