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Jagged Wound Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

Jagged Wound

Sub Diseases
General Name
Medical Name
Laceration, Wound
Urdu Name
Zakham, Ghav
Jagged Wound Symptoms
Damaged skin
Jagged Wound Cured By

Wound is a disease of the skin.
An injury to the living tissue is Wound.
It is a breakage of the body cells or the tissues.
Wounds may be either internal or external. When the body has a cut, it bleeds. It causes pain. The body repairs the ruptured cells automatically within few days.

Types of Wounds
Contusion or Bruises : The wounds in which the tissues get damaged and results in discoloration of the Skin.

Abrasion : In this type of wound, the outer layer of the skin ( epidermis ) gets rubbed against the rough surface and exposes the second layer ( Dermis ) of the Skin. The depth of the wound depends upon, how hard you hit the surface. It may be painful and there may be mild bleeding also.

Incised Wounds : The type of Wounds that are caused by sharp objects such as Knife, razor or glass. There may be minor or heavy bleeding. Incised wounds are best treated with Liquorice.

Lacerated Wounds : The type of wounds caused by some blunt trauma or injury. In this a sharp object hits the skin by force. It effects Skin, tissues and Muscles, which get torn.

Penetrating Wounds : This type of wound causes damage to the internal organs. Some injuries are so severe that they not only damage the outer skin but get penetrated deep inside and even puncture the tissues.

Hematoma : In this type of Wound the walls of blood vessels get damaged. As a result the blood oozes out and get collects in the tissues. There is no external bleeding and causes discoloration of the Skin.

Causes of Jagged Wound

  • Cut

    If not treated properly, Wounds may cause
    Bacterial or Viral Infection

    Your best bet is, Marigold.
    A visit to the Doctor is a must.

Materia Medica : Herbal Treatment for Jagged Wound

Single Herb

Pinellia for Wounds

Pinellia Rhizome is used externally as a poultice for Wounds.

Acacia Nilotica for Wounds

Grind the tender leaves. Apply.
Boil the crushed bark in water. Wash off wounds with it.
Dust the powdered bark.

Celastrus Paniculatus for Wounds

Take some seeds. Powder them. Mix with coconut oil. Apply it on wounds.
Or grind the seeds. Boil them. Wash wounds with it twice a day.

Cabbage for Wounds

Take a Cabbage leaf. Dip it in hot water after removing the ridges. Apply it as a poultice and put a loose bandage. Replace the leaf frequently.

Cotton for Wounds

Prepare paste of fresh flowers. Apply it on Wounds once a day.

Sensitive Plant for Wounds

Make the paste of leaves. Apply on the affected part.
Or Apply leaves juice on the wounds.

Sweet Flag for Wounds

Dust fine powder of the roots on Wounds. It would heal the wound fast.

Wild Turmeric for Wounds

Sprinkle the powdered Wild Turmeric over the wounds twice a day.

Swamp Pea for wounds

Make a paste of the seeds of Swamp Pea and apply.
Steam the Swamp Pea leaves. Wrap on the wounds and tie bandage.

Pongam for Wounds

Crush some fresh leaves. Apply on the wounds once a day.

Aloe Vera ( Gheekumari ) for Wounds

Mix 5 ml Aloe juice in 50 ml water. Apply on damaged skin.
OR : Split the leaf longitudinally with knife. Use it as bandage over affected area

Arjuna for Wounds

Prepare a thick decoction of Arjuna bark. Wash wounds with it twice a day.

Manjakani for Wounds

Prepare a decoction of the bark of Manjakani . Drink three times a day.
Or: Tincture: Take l-2ml of the tincture three times a day.

Plantago for Wounds

Warm the leaves of Plantago. Coat them with Mustard oil. Use as a fomentation over the affected area two times a day .

Alkanet for Wounds

Make an ointment of Alkanet root. Apply it locally on wounds.

Alum for Wounds

Wash wounds with Alum water twice or thrice a day.
OR : Wash wounds with fresh water. Sprinkle Alum powder on them. It is a very good remedy to stop bleeding from the wound.

Cyclea Peltata for Wounds

Apply the paste of the roots and leaves of Cyclea Peltata to the affected area.

Cryptolepis for Wounds

Sprinkle powder of Cryptolepis over the affected area .

Indian Pennywort for Wounds

Prepare a paste of the leaves of Indian Pennywort. Apply on the affected area.

Goat Weed for Wounds

Extract the juice of Goat Weed leaves. Apply.

Clove ( Laung ) for Wounds

Sprinkle Clove powder on the Wounds. It relieves the pain and also prevents infection.

Spanish Needle for Wounds

Extract the juice from the leaves. Apply externally on the affected area.

Arjuna Bark for Wounds

Prepare a decoction of Arjuna Bark. Wash wounds with lukewarm decoction twice a day.
OR : Powder Arjuna Bark. Sprinkle powder on wounds.

White Horehound for Wounds

Make an ointment of White Horehound fresh leaves. Apply it, twice a day on the infected skin.

Cannonball Tree for Wounds

Apply fresh flesh of Cannonball fruit to wounds locally.

Drumstick For Wounds

Make a paste of Drumstick leaves and apply on the Wounds.
OR Grind the bark of Drumstick and apply it on the wounds.
OR Grind 10 grams bark of Drumstick tree. Take it twice a day with water.
OR : Boil Drumstick roots in some water.
Use it as a warm wash for Sores and Wounds.

Meadow Rue for Wounds

Prepare a poultice of Meadow Rue mashed root. Apply it locally on open wounds.

Horseradish for Wounds

Take fresh Horseradish leaves. Grind them with little water. Apply on the affected part twice a day.
OR : Have half teaspoon Horseradish bark powder twice a day and also apply on wounds.

Achyranthes Aspera for Wounds

Wash the wounds with Achyranthes Aspera leaf juice. After this, bandage it with leaves.

Berberis Aristata for Wounds

Apply root powder of Berberis Aristata topically over the affected area .

Dodder ( Amar Bel ) for Wounds

Prepare a decoction of Dodder ( Amar Bel ). Wash with lukewarm decoction twice a day.

Catharanthus Roseus for Wounds

Take Catharanthus Roseus roots. Prepare decoction. Wash the wounds with it twice a day.

Pomegranate ( Anar ) for Wounds

Prepare a paste of Pomegranate leaves. Apply over the affected area.

Colchicum Autumnale for Wounds

Sprinkle root powder of Colchicum Autumnale over the wounds two times a day.

Elaeis Guineensis for Wounds

Apply leaf extract on the Wounds.

Dragon's Blood For Wounds

Apply latex of Dragon's Blood on the wounds thrice a day. It works as a disinfectant and also alleviates the pain.

Garlic ( Lehsun ) for Wounds

Garlic juice with distilled water act as a cleanser for wounds.

Field Thistle for Wounds

Grind root of Field Thistle with water. Apply paste on Wounds twice a day.

Marigold for wounds

Prepare an infusion of Marigold ( Gendha ) plant. Wash the wounds with that twice a day.
OR : Use Marigold ( Gendha ) Tincture diluted with water. It is available at Homeopathic Pharmacies.

Red Sandalwood ( Lal Chandan ) as Antiseptic

Sprinkle Red Sandalwood powder on the damaged Skin.

Centaury For Wounds

Apply fresh juice of Centaury on wounds, ulcers. It promotes healing.

Sida Cordifolia for Wounds

Sprinkle the powder of Sida Cordifolia over the affected area.

Tinospora Cordifolia ( Guduchika ) for Wounds

Take some Tinospora Cordifolia ( Guduchika ) leaves. Warm them over low flame. Apply on the affected part.

Azadirachta Indica ( Neem ) for Wounds

Fatty Acids present in Azadirachta Indica ( Neem in India ) helps to produce collagen, which supports the healing process. It sustains the elasticity of skin during healing process.
Astringent and Antiseptic properties of Azadirachta Indica ( Neem in India ) bark make it easy to heal any wound. Grind bark to make a paste with water. Apply it over the affected part.
OR : Apply Azadirachta Indica ( Neem in India ) leaves paste on the wounds. Its antiseptic properties helps to heal the injury fast.

Basil ( Tulsi ) for Wounds

Crush fresh Basil leaves. Bandage it over Wound.

Betel ( Pan ) for Wounds

Extract the juice of 2-3 Betel leaves. Apply the juice on the wound and then wrap the Betel leaf on injured area. Repeat the process 2-3 times a day.

Ziziphus Oenoplia for Wounds

Ziziphus Oenoplia contains vulnerary property. It helps to heal the wounds.
Grind the leaves of Ziziphus Oenoplia . Mix it with coconut oil. Apply it on the wounds two or three times a day.
Caution : Clean the wounds with an antiseptic before applying the paste.

Burdock for Wounds

Take some Burdock leaves dried up by the fire. Apply over the wounds. It reduces Inflammation and also ease pain.

Green Tea for Wounds

Wash the wounds thrice a day with Green Tea root's decoction.

Eucalyptus ( Safeda ) Oil for Wounds

Mix 2 tablespoons of Eucalyptus Oil in two cups of lukewarm water. Use it as a wash to get relief.

Bistort ( Amli ) for Wounds

Take 2 tablespoons rootstock of Bistort ( Amli ) and a cup of water. Boil them together for 10 minutes. Use as a wash for Wounds and external Ulcers.
OR Use the rootstock to make a poultice for Wounds.

Wake Robin for Insect Bites and Stings

Make a poultice of the leaves and apply on the affected area.

Euphorbia Hirta for Ulcers

Crush leaves of Euphorbia Hirta with water to make paste. Apply it externally over Wounds and Ulcers.

Sweet Flag ( Ghorvach ) for Wounds, Burns and Ulcers

Take One tablespoon rootstock of Sweet Flag ( Ghorvach ).
Put into half cup of boiling water and steep for 5 minutes.
Use externally for Burns, Wounds and Ulcers.

Marigold ( Gendha ) for Wounds, Bruises

Crush the fresh flowers and apply on the affected area.
OR Apply fresh juice of Marigold ( Gendha ).

Lady's Mantle for Skin

Boil Lady's Mantle herb in some water till it thickens a little. Use it as a lotion for Skin rashes, Eczema, Cuts, Wounds and such other Skin Problems.

Box Myrtle ( Kaiphal ) for Wounds

Directly apply the powdered bark to wounds.

Birch ( Bhoj Patra ) for Wounds

Boil the bark in some water and use the liquid as a wash for Wounds.

Indian Thorny Bamboo for Wounds

Grind the shoots of Indian Thorny Bamboo to make paste. Add lime juice in it. Apply the mixture over erupted skin.

Figwort for Wounds, Bruises

Crush the leaves and apply as a poultice.

Carrot ( Gaajar ) for Wounds, Ulcers

Grated carrots make an excellent poultice for
Apply the grated Carrot ( Gaajar ) as a poultice for Ulcers, Abscesses and bad Wounds

Capsella Bursa Pastoris for Cuts, Wounds

Use the plant as a compress for cuts and wounds. It is more useful for Head Injuries.

Cleavers For Wounds, Bleeding

Crush some fresh Cleavers leaves and directly apply to heal wounds. It stops External bleeding.

Curry Plant for Wounds, Bruises

Apply the crushed leaves externally.

Codariocalyx Motorius for Wounds

Apply leaf and root paste of Codariocalyx Motorius on the damaged Skin.

Bauhinia Racemosa for Skin Diseases

Use bark decoction of Bauhinia Racemosa to wash infected Skin.

Kaempferia Rotunda for Wounds

Tie warm leaves of Kaempferia Rotunda over Wounds. It helps to heal them fast.

Chinese Fringe Flower for Wounds

Crush leaves of Chinese Fringe Flower to make paste. Apply it over wounds.

Biophytum for Skin Diseases

Crush seeds of Biophytum with water. Apply it over ruptured or infected Skin.

Crape Jasmine for Wounds

Apply milky sap of Crape Jasmine over wounds.

Concha Haliotidis for Wounds

Extract the oil of Concha Haliotidis. Take 5 tablespoon in a pan. Add 5 gram Beeswax. Heat until it melts. Apply on affected parts twice a day.

Stonebreaker for Wounds

Crush dried seeds of Stonebreaker and add water to make a paste. Apply it on the Wounds.
This remedy is also effective for Scabies and Ringworms.

Avocado ( Makhanphal ) for Wounds

Avocado ( Makhanphal ) has good wound healing property.
Take one Avocado ( Makhanphal ). Half of it peel and crush to make a paste, apply on affected part. Eat remain half. Do it once a day.

Snow Mountain Garlic ( Kashmiri Lehsun ) for Wounds

squeeze out the juice of Snow Mountain Garlic ( Kashmiri Lehsun ). Mix little water. Wash wounds with this twice a day.

Vitex Trifolia as an Antiseptic

Store dried leave powder of Vitex Trifolia. Sprinkle it over Wounds. It helps to heal them fast.

Banyan ( Bargad ) for Ruptured Skin

Crush the fruit of Banyan Tree to make paste. Apply it over damaged Skin.

Club Moss ( Bendarli ) for Wounds

Sprinkle the powderd herb on Wounds to stop bleeding.

Buchu for Wounds

Externally, a decoction of dried Buchu leaves can be used as a wash for wounds, sores, and ulcers.

Boneset For Wounds

Make a salve by combining Powdered herb and Vaseline in equal parts.
Apply externally.

Lobelia ( Narasam ) for Insect Bites, Bruises

Make a poultice of the plant and apply externally to the affected area.

Pointed Gourd for Wounds

Prepare a root decoction of Pointed Gourd. Use it to wash your Wounds.

Camphor as an Antimicrobial

Crush leaves of Camphor to make paste. Apply it over infected areas.

Terminalia Chebula ( Harad ) for Wounds

Wash your Wounds with decoction of Terminalia Chebula ( Harad ).

Blue Water Lily for Wounds

Make an infusion with leaves of Blue Water Lily. Wash your Wounds using it.

Prickly Ash ( Tejphal ) for Wounds

Prepare an infusion of One tablespoon powdered berries with One cup boiling water.
Use as a wash for Wounds and Ulcers.

Toadflax for Wounds

Prepare an infusion of the whole plant and use as a cleanser for Wounds.

Indigo ( Nili ) for Wounds and Insect Bites

A leaf poultice can be used externally for Wounds and Insect Bites.
OR : Make a paste of Indigo ( Nili ) with warm water and use for burns, scalds, wounds, insect bites, animal bites, boils.

Bauhinia for Wounds

Boil Bauhinia plant in water. Wash your wounds with it when bearable hot.

Mallotus Philippensis for Wounds

Crush Mallotus Philippensis seeds to make powder. Sprinkle it over Wounds.

Snow Lotus for Wounds

Apply root paste of Snow Lotus over damaged areas.

Bombax Ceiba for Wounds

Crush bark of Bombax Ceiba. Add some water to make paste. Apply it over Wounds.

Sea Buckthorn for Skin

Dilute the essential oil of Sea Buckthorn with any carrier oil and use directly on the skin to regenerate skin after burns, injuries and wounds.

Sandalwood Essential Oil for Wounds

Mix Sandalwood Essential Oil with water in a ratio of 1:10. Wash your wounds with this solution, two times a day.

Pomelo for Wounds

Pomelo is enriches with Vitamin C which helps to heal the Wounds faster. Have it as a fruit or make juice of Pomelo.

Roselle ( Guddahal ) for Wounds

Apply Roselle ( Guddahal ) oil over washed wounds twice or thrice a day.

Catechu for Wounds

Use bark decoction of Catechu to wash your Wounds when bearable hot.
OR : Crush leaves of Catechu to make paste. Apply it over Wounds.
OR : Dry the bark of Catechu. Grind to make powder. Dust it over damaged Skin.

Jatropha for Wounds

Apply fresh latex of Jatropha on your Wounds. It helps to heal them fast.

Bitter Gourd ( Karela ) for Wounds

Apply seed paste of Bitter Gourd ( Karela ) over Wounds.

Sappan Wood for Wounds

Crush dried seeds of Sappan Wood. Sprinkle it over Wounds.

Agave for Wounds

Crush leaves of Agave to make paste. Apply it over Wound.

Guava ( Amrood ) for Wounds

Boil One cup fresh Guava ( Amrood ) leaves in 3 cups of water for 10 minutes.
Cool and strain.
Use as a wash for Wounds 2-3 times a day.
OR : Apply leaf poultice to the wound to hasten healing.

Peperomia Pellucida for Wounds

Boil the leaves in some water and apply topically as a poultice over the skin Wounds.
It reduces Inflammation and Pain as well.

Blumea Balsamifera for Wounds

Apply the fresh juice externally over the Cuts and Wounds.

Cluster Fig ( Gular ) for Wounds

Apply the latex of Cluster Fig ( Gular ) externally on the affected area.

Chinese Date ( Ber ) for Wounds

Make infusion of the leaves. Wash the wounds with it.
OR: Powder the dried root and apply to old Wounds.

Nux Vomica ( Jahar ) for Wounds

Apply the leaf poultice on sloughing wounds to speed up the healing process.

Marking Nut ( Bhilawa ) for Wounds

Topically apply the oil on the Wounds to speed up healing and reduce pain.

Indian Sorrel ( Sarvajjaya ) for Wounds

Grind Indian Sorrel ( Sarvajjaya ) plant and apply the paste on the Wounds.

Datura Stramonium ( Datura ) Leaves for Wounds

Datura Stramonium ( Datura ) Leaves act as Vulnerary. It alleviates pain and provides quick healing.
Make a decoction of Datura Stramonium ( Datura ) Leaves. Leave it to cool down the decoction. Use it to wash wounds at least twice a day.

Yarrow Essential Oil for Wounds

Yarrow Essential Oil helps to wither the skin and stops bleeding. In that way it is helpful to foster the process of healing wounds.
Make a dilution by adding 10 to 15 drops in to a mug of water. Use it for washing wounds. After that, apply some Yarrow Essential Oil directly on the wound.
Note : Undiluted Oil may produce irritation to anyone. In that case, skip direct use after washing the wound and apply another antiseptic cream.

Panicled Cassine for Wounds

Panicled Cassine has Vulnerary attribute which heals the wounds fast.
Prepare a paste by grinding Panicled Cassine bark with water. Apply the paste on Wounds. Repeat the process daily until the wound cures completely.

Liquorice ( Mulethi ) for Wounds

Liquorice ( Mulethi in India ) has Anti bacterial and Anti inflammatory properties. These properties reduce the Inflammation and speed up the healing of wounds.
Take half teaspoon of Liquorice root powder. Add 1 teaspoon Clarified Butter ( Ghee in India ). Make a paste. Apply it on the wounds.

Yarrow for Wounds

The Analgesic and Antiseptic properties of Yarrow reduce bleeding and pain from the Wounds. It protects from further infection and speeds up the healing process.
Add 1/2 teaspoon Yarrow leave powder in a cup of water daily.
OR : Take 2 tablespoons of dried Yarrow leaves. Add 2 to 3 Tablespoons of hot water in it. Let the leaves soften and then mash it to form a thick paste. Let it cool a bit. Spread the paste directly on the wounds. Cover it with a bandage. Leave it for an hour. Wash off. Repeat it daily for a week.

Withania Somnifera for Wounds

Make an ointment of boiled leaves, apply it topically on the infected area. Use it once a day.

Spikenard for Wounds

Make a decoction of Spikenard's root. Apply it externally over the infected area to heal the wounds.

Chicory ( Kasni ) for Wounds

Make a paste of its fresh leaves. Apply this poultice over the affected area.

Caraway Essential Oil for Wounds

A topical application of Caraway Essential Oil heals the wounds and inhibits the further bacterial infections.

Benzoin Essential Oil for Wounds

Put 100 ml of Benzoin Essential Oil in a bowl. Dab a cotton ball in the bowl. Apply this cotton ball topically on your open wounds. This oil heals the injuries and wounds effectively.

Baliospermum Montanum for Wounds

Prepare paste of Baliospermum Montanum leaves. Apply it on wounds once a day.

Lady's Mantle for Wounds

Rub Lady's Mantle leaves on your open Wounds thoroughly to heal it.

Abelmoschus Manihot for Wounds

Blend few fresh barks of Abelmoschus Manihot with few amount of water. Apply this paste to your open Wounds. Repeat this treatment for thrice a week.

Matico for Wounds

Rub the fresh leaves of Matico against a slab. Apply the leaves on the affected area to heal open wounds.
Or :
Boil some leaves of Matico in 100 ml of water. Steep it for 5 minutes. Wash off your Wounds with it to heal.

Loquat ( Lokat ) for Wounds

Stepp few Loquat ( Lokat ) leaves in 200 ml of water for 5 minutes. Wash off your open wounds with this decoction to heal your open Wounds.

Kigelia Africana ( Jhar Fanoos ) for Wounds

Sprinkle dried mature fruit powder of Kigelia Africana externally over the affected areas.

Black Plum for Wounds

Apply 2 grams of Black Plum bark powder over the affected areas.

Kalanchoe Pinnata for Wounds

Take Kalanchoe Pinnata leaves and boil it for 10 minutes. Wash the wounds with this water.

Bastard Sandal for Wounds

Prepare a paste from the leaves of Bastard Sandal. Apply this paste on the affected area to get the proper healing. It also protects the Wound from the bacterial attacks.

Ziziphus Joazeiro for Wounds

Prepare a decoction, made of Ziziphus Joazeiro bark powder and warm water. Wash your wounds with this decoction.

Jasmine for Wounds

Make a poultice of Jasmine flowers and leaves. Apply it on the Wounds, Cuts and Sprains to stop bleeding and facilitate healing.

Banana ( Kela ) for Wounds

Young Leaves of Banana are used as dressings.
Wrap the Young Leaves of Banana on Wounds. It will provide relief from Inflammation.

Bitter Leaf for Wounds

Take 5 to 6 Bitter leaves and squeeze out the juice. Drop it over the bleeding area. It stops the bleeding and heals Wounds completely.

Tea Tree Essential Oil for Wounds

Mix 15 drops of Jojoba Oil with 2 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil. Apply this mixture on the affected areas. Repeat the process 2 times a day.

Adhatoda Vasica for Wounds

Adhatoda Leaves cure Fresh Wounds
Take 8-10 Adhatoda leaves. Warm the leaves using a steamer. Crush the warmed leaves and make a paste. Apply the warm paste over the wound and cover with a loose bandage. Repeat the dressing twice a day.

Echinacea for Wounds

Take dried Echinacea root powder and make a paste by adding boiled water. Apply on the affected area and leave it for 10 to 20 min. Repeat it for 2 to 3 times in a day. Clean the wound with clean water.
OR : Echinacea root extract is also used externally to heal wounds.

Black Turmeric for Wounds

Crush fresh Black Turmeric and make a fine paste. Apply this on the affected wound. This will heal the wound at faster rate.


Herbal Treatment For Wounds 1

Take leaves of Cat Tail Plant. Grind them. Add Turmeric. Make fine paste. Apply locally.

Herbal Treatment For Wounds 2

Take two tablespoon of Conch Grass and 1/2 tablespoon of Garlic. Make a fine paste. Bandage.

Herbal Treatment For Wounds 3

Take Coriander seeds and Barley in equal quantity. Powder them together. Add little water and apply on the affected part.

Herbal Treatment For Wounds 4

Mix one tablespoon of Balsam fir and three tablespoon of Almond oil Or Grapes seed oil. Apply topically.

Herbal Treatment For Wounds 5

Take the following herbs :
Woodfordia Fruticosa : Dhawai : Flowers : Dried : Powdered : 1 tablespoon
Flax : Alsi : Seeds : Oil : 1/2 tablespoon
Honey : Shehad : 1/2 tablespoon
Mix all ingredients. Apply mixture on the affected part.

Herbal Treatment For Wounds 6

Take dried Dodder ( Amar Bel in India ) and dried Ginger ( Adrak in India ) in equal quantity. Powder them together. Add 2 to 4 teaspoons butter. Mix the mixture. Apply it on the affected part twice or thrice a day.
Attention : Clarified Butter ( Ghee in India ) may be used in place of Butter.

Herbal Treatment For Wounds 7

Mix powdered Viola Tricolor plant with half quantity of Honey and apply as an ointment for external wounds.

Herbal Treatment For Wounds, Bruises, Sprains and Burns 1

Take the following herbs-
4 tablespoons Myrrh ( Gandh Ras )
2 tablespoons Goldenseal ( Pit Kanad )
1 tablespoon Cayenne Pepper ( Lal Mirch )
Mix All these and put in a quarter of rubbing Alcohal. Keep it stand for a 8-10 days, shaking the mixture daily. Use it as a liniment for Wounds, Sprains, Burns, Bruises and wherever a liniment is needed.

Herbal Treatment For Wounds, Skin Diseases 1

Prepare a decoction of Carlina Acaulis root with White Vinegar.
Use it as a wash for Wounds and Skin Diseases.

Herbal Treatment For Wounds 8

The Antiseptic property of Ylang Ylang Essential oil inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. It prevents tetanus and relieves pain due to Wounds. Olive Oil speeds up the healing process and supports the tissue regeneration.
Take 1 to 2 teaspoons of Olive Oil. Add 4 to 5 drops of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil in it. Mix well. Clean the affected area and apply this mixture on it. Leave it for half an hour. Repeat this twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Wounds 9

Prepare a solution of Ashwagandha root paste in Sesame Oil and apply it externally on the infected area. Use it once a day to proper results.

Herbal Treatment For Wounds 10

Apply Helichrysum Essential Oil directly on the wound, using enough to cover the Wound. After the bleeding stops, apply Lavender Essential Oil over the wound. Do not rub. Repeat the application of Lavender Essential Oil two times a day.
Lavender Essential Oil help to prevent infection.

Herbal Treatment For Wounds 11

Take two cups of Cold water and add one drop each of Geranium Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil in it. Dab a towel in the water and apply it over the affected area till it warms to body temperature.
It will help soothe pain, Inflammation and infection.