Wood Betony Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

Wood Betony

General Name
Wood Betony
Botnical Name
Stachys Officinalis
Urdu Name
English Name
Wood Betony
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Wood Betony is a plant.
It is perennial.
It grows in a Temperate climate.
It grows up to 60 Cm.
It is native to Europe.
It requires temperate climate.
Best used for Fever, headache and Sore throat.

Materia Medica : How to use Wood Betony - Uses and Benefits

Wood Betony plant holds medicinal benefits. It has hairy, square stems and round-lobed leaves. It has red or purple flowers.

Wood Betony strengthens the stomach. It improves appetite and poor digestion. The tannin present in Wood Betony is an Astringent. The herb is good for Cardiovascular health.

It treats Gastric disorders and Heartburn. It loosens and expels excess Upper Respiratory Tract mucus. It is useful in relieving Colds, Chronic Asthma and Bronchitis.

Wood Betony increases the production and flow of urine. It is effectively eases Bladder problems, Kidney problems and Kidney stones.

It cures Diarrhea and effectively treats Varicose Vein, Edema, Scrofula and Tuberculosis.

Wood Betony is an excellent remedy for Jaundice and Gout. It destroys and expels out worms from the Intestinal Tract.

The herb is effective in relieving Headaches.

It is used in the treatment of Wounds, Cuts, Insect bites, Hemorrhoids, External Ulcers and old Sores.

It is best used for sore throat and gum inflammation.